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It’s a new world out there, and as the world changes so must marketing evolve to meet the needs of the people and businesses in it.

Think about it… a boots on the ground sales team is going to need more support as face-to-face meetings and deals with a handshake fade away. Plus purchasing decisions aren’t a one-on-one deal anymore. They’ve been left to the power of the committee. It’s a world of consensus buying and to win you need to:

  • Sell to an average of 5.4 stakeholders
  • Who only have a 43% chance of reaching a decision
  • And generally give up 37% of the way through the process

*Harvard Business Review | The Challenger Customer

Lucky for you, Oodle has more than a few digital marketing tricks up our sleeve that can help you help your team (and make you look like a hero in the process).

Driven by Data. Guided by Humans

At Oodle we believe it’s all about the information. We want to know everything about your target: position, influences, digital competency, favorite member of *NSYNC. This all helps us identify and reach your champions where they are online – through content marketing, paid search, and display advertising – with a message that resonates with them.

Let the humans at Oodle help find your champions.


Fact: B2B Marketing is Changing.


Fact: B2B Marketing is Changing.