What is ROMI?

By: Seth Arnold

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How to prove your worth as a marketer

Marketing is tough. It takes oodles of skill, knowledge and hard work to pull off.  But even if…

The Website Process FREE downloadable

Use this free tool to help you kick start your website project! Everything you need to know to…

Ep. 4 – Everything You Need To Know To Make A Website

By: Oodle

In today’s episode, we talk about everything you need to know to make a website. We’ve created an…

Ep. 3 – Does Your Marketing Suck?

By: Oodle

In today’s episode, we’re going talk about what a marketing pulse check is, how to do it, why…

Ep. 2 – WTF is a Marketing Strategy?

By: Oodle

In today’s episode we’re going to continue talking about proving marketing value; more specifically what is a marketing…

Ep. 1 – Proving Marketing Value; Every Stage of the Funnel Matters

In today’s episode we are going to talk about proving the value of your marketing efforts. Marketing can…

8 Reasons to Hire a Centralized Marketing Agency

Why Centralized Marketing is a Must Some things are great for DIY–refinishing Grandma’s old dresser, building a birdhouse,…

How to Tell the Right ROI Story

By: Seth Arnold

Do you know the value of your marketing strategies? If your answer is no (or you don’t know),…

What is Multi-Touch Attribution

By: Seth Arnold

We all know that a buyer’s journey is not a linear experience. As a result, you’re likely using…

The Top 10 KPIs to Track

By: Seth Arnold

How do you measure success? Don Draper of Mad Men said it best – “Success is related to…

How to Prove the Value of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By: Seth Arnold

3 Steps to Prove the Value of Your Marketing Strategies As a marketing professional, you already know the…

What is ROMI?

By: Seth Arnold

In the not-so-long-ago and closer-than-you’d-believe past, you knew marketing was working because sales went up and more revenue…