Oodle’s New Year’s Resolutions We’ve Probably Already Failed

Oodle's New Year's Resolutions We've Probably Already Failed

BY Eric House

Whether you’re on #TeamResolution or #TeamAntiResolution, one thing we can all agree on is the addictive nature of reading someone else’s New Year’s goals.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of what we at Oodle are pledging to do (and not do) in 2017. Will we crush them? Will we fail by February? Get your bets in now.

1. Shape things up

Jason Bayer, senior account executive

At-work resolution:"Be uber-organized in the management of my accounts, my computer, my desk, everywhere. Do I have OCD?

At-home resolution: To eat healthier and get back into some semblance of shape."

2. Sling a mobile-only mindset

Greg Brown, director of client services

"I don’t do resolutions. January 1 is an arbitrary date. But I’m committed to a few focus areas at the agency this year.

The way consumers shop has changed. Decisions aren't made at the store. They're made on the smartphone. This calls for more than mobile design. It calls for a mobile-first strategy that supports the buyer’s journey from start to finish.

There’s a lot of talk about optimal video length, but it turns out it only takes six seconds to connect with a user. We must experiment with a wide range of video lengths – especially the micro moments that may have a big impact on a buyer.

Let's not just measure growth. Let's measure FOR growth. We shouldn’t commit to legacy KPIs if they don’t help us create a better understanding of what’s coming in the future versus just what’s happening now."

3. Keep it simple

Lauren McGregor Downs, social specialist

  • "Try not to suck.
  • Be present, not perfect."

A little context on the non-sucky resolution? Lauren eats, sleeps and breathes the Chicago Cubs.

4. Resolve to not make one

Karilynn Galiotos, senior social media specialist

"I don't believe in waiting for a specific date to make positive changes. If I'm truly ready, I'll do it. No time like the present!"

5. Be perfectly imperfect and go micro on content

Eric House, content strategist and copywriter

At-work resolution: "Stop trying to make every little thing (like this blog post) abso-freaking-lutely perfect. And, create more microcontent – bite-sized chunks of content born from a larger piece.

At-home resolution:Resist the urge to mindlessly thumb through Twitter while I'm watching Netflix, and have to rewind because I missed something. Also, eat breakfast at least three times a week."

6. Listen first. Tinker later.

Mark Hughes, partner and chief digital strategist

"To be a better leader through listening, and stay out of 'fixer' mode until I really understand the issue at hand."

7. Get back to the gym. Get peers back to Azeroth.

Ryan Hughes, partner and chief innovation officer

  • "Get Eric to play World of Warcraft with us.
  • Keep up the gym habits I started last year.
  • Avoid overworking."

8. Slay some obstacles

Tori Hughes, account coordinator


  • "Be positive and have an open mind.
  • Don't be afraid of things you've not done.
  • Be confident: Believe you can do it -- and you will.


  • Commit to a healthier lifestyle, for real this time.
  • Complete a Tough Mudder and don't just barely get through, be strong enough to rock it out.
  • Do more things for ME."

9. Sweat the small things

Carmin Moutinho, web developer

  • "Finish one full circuit of P90X. No excuses.
  • Pay more attention to the small things in life.
  • Try to take everything said to me in the best possible light."

10. Strike a balance

Riley Vollmer, senior account executive


  • "Cut out any clutter in daily communication so the asks are clear.
  • Find the right balance between due now versus later.

Personal life:

  • Find better balance in all aspects.
  • Take recharge time seriously.
  • Take the same focus that we have at work on innovation and doing cool stuff, and carry it over to my fitness teacher life."

11. Show that donut who’s boss

Josh Thompson, creative director

  • "Make more art.
  • Be a better dad and husband. (I'm already pretty good, but you can always be better.)
  • Be a better boss.
  • Eat less donuts."

Wondering how he's doing on the Great Donut Cutback?

12. More sweet stuff

Emily Babel, senior interactive designer

  • "Finish children’s book illustrations.
  • Be louder.
  • Eat more donuts. (Sorry, Josh.)"

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