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By: Seth Arnold

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Connected TV – What You Need To Know About CTV

By: Carolann Crittenden

Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus. The streaming platform options just continue to grow. As more and more…

Benefits of Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel

By: Celie Harlan

No doubt, you’ve heard about the marketing funnel by this point (unless you live under a rock like…

Current State of Digital Marketing & Advertising

By: Ben Nusekabel

We as advertisers get annoyed by advertising about advertising, but we understand why we were advertised to in…

Digital Advertising Bounty Hunters

By: Ben Nusekabel

Early in season one of The Mandalorian, the titular character is given a fragment of data. With only…

We are Advertising Award Winners!

By: Kendall Schmucker

It’s official! The Oodle team is now an award-winning agency after taking home several marketing and advertising awards…

Increase Your Audience Reach

By: James Taylor

As we described in our previous article, First Foray into Digital Marketing, Oodle’s initial focus for a new…

First Foray into Digital Marketing

By: James Taylor

In the pandemic world, businesses are discovering the tried-and-true methods of growing a business don’t yield the same…

The Value of A/B Testing

By: Andy Nolan

What Is A/B Testing A/B testing is a type of experimentation used in marketing to compare two various…

Designing for the User: Why Design Isn’t About You

By: Lauren McGregor Downs

Imagine you’re on vacation and you step into a grocery store that you’ve never been in before. Do…

How Account-Based Marketing Works

By: Carolann Crittenden

Account-based marketing, you may have heard the term floating around marketing or sales departments recently. As businesses and…

Why Full-Funnel Marketing is a Must

By: Oodle

In a world of internet, smart phones, and AI marketing, the buyer’s journey is no longer linear. Marketers…

6 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

By: Oodle

Businesses have had to change and adapt at a record rate this year due to the pandemic. With…