Channel Specialties

Channel Specialities

Our channel specialties are the magical place where finding your audience intersects with how to engage with them.

We’ve spent many moons researching what most people do online – other than looking for porn or cat videos or some combination of the two – and how to grab their attention with a cool notice me vibe, very different from the preteen girl at a Justin Bieber concert vibe.

So let’s talk channel specialties, the places we know people are flocking to and can’t look away from.


Like a poker player with an obvious tell, search gives away an audience’s wants and needs. We’re a well-honed want and need reading machine, lurking in the shadows for the perfect moment to deliver exactly what an audience desires. All that shadow lurking is why we’re so pasty.


We’re pixel whores, and we know how to make a few pixels work it and shine and shake it like a paint can mixer. That would explain the bursitis in our hips and the high click through rates for our brands. We regret nothing.


Some say radio’s the media ugly sister. But even she needs some smooth loving, especially loving that gets people talking and engaging. All it takes is the right touch and some know how like we know how.


By nature, we’re talkers and over sharers and pinners and likers and commenters and posters, so social is our bag, baby. And we can make it your brand’s bag, too. Social bags for all.


If Scorsese and George Miller had a J.J. Abrams genetically engineered baby, you’d have Oodle behind a camera, directing some video shots. The kind of video eyes like to ball and fingers like to share. That’s the Goodle stuff.

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