Digital Ads & Media Buying

Digital Ads and Media Buying

A successful digital ad campaign begins with location, location, location and a little bit of stalking.

Classy I see you enjoy ham stalking, not I hug ham and pretend it’s you stalking.

Smart and savvy media buying places your brand’s digital touch points in the path of your target audience. But first, we get to know who you’re reaching. Demographics, interests and behaviors, allow us to identify audiences and select channels. By understanding how audiences move across the Internet and their place in the buyer journey, we determine the best type of digital ad to serve. We study search terms to decipher an audience’s intent, delivering content that matches their wants and needs. So search engine, pay-per-click, display (aka banner) and audio and video ads act as way finders in your digital ecosystem, pointing audiences your way.

Media Planning

Smart and savvy media planning knows your audience like a serial killer knows his target: Obsessively. From interests and behaviors to web usage patterns, we study your audience’s moves across the Interwebs to perfectly place relevant ad content.

Search Engine Ads

By studying search terms and keywords, we begin to decipher an audience’s intent and to anticipate their needs and wants. It’s like counting cards, listening with your eyes and waiting for the right moment to bet big, minus the threat of busted kneecaps.

Pay Per Click Ads

For brands, clicks are the crack cocaine of the web. But a click doesn’t always translate to an interested user. Marrying thoughtful media planning with pay-per-click ads gets your brand the click hits you want from the right folks.

Display/Banner Ads

Display (aka banner) ads are the way finders of the Internet, sign posts, markers and reminders pointing interested audiences your way. Done well, they provoke thought and interest. Done poorly, the horror, the madness, the sound of infinite eye-rolls. You get the picture.

Audio and Video Ads

Audio and video ads give your brand that je ne sais quoi, that certain something that lures your audience in and captures their attention. Multimedia ads bring your brand experience to life, extending its sphere of web influence.

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