Platform & Code Specialties

Platform and Code Specialties

Who claims the Iron Throne and the web are constantly changing.

So are the tools we use to develop it. Which is why we’ve honed our expertise in foretelling which languages and platforms will stand the test of Internet time – somewhere between the lifespan of a brine shrimp and the length of an American Idol winner’s career.

Between working hard on client projects and barely working through a rousing game of Hearthstone, our developers dedicate themselves to less glamorous things (We let their egos believe writing code is glamorous.) like researching emerging technologies and experimenting with some of their own. This practice keeps our coding muscles sharp and nimble while allowing us to do more than stay ahead of the curve. It allows us to define it.


Inbound marketing can be like an octopus, a bit handsy and tentaclly. So we harness the power of HubSpot to tame multiple platforms and data at once.


For some sexy web and blog action, we look to the mighty WordPress. And we WordPress it mighty well.


Buy. Buy. Buy. Sell. Sell. Sell. We do it all e-commerce with Magento for smooth and easy online buying and selling.


Some speak Spanish others Italian, but these – PHP, Node.js and Ruby on Rails – are our love languages, our web-dev love languages. And we speak them with all the passion of a Spaniard trilling his R R Rs.

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