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At Oodle, the driving force behind everything can basically be boiled down to a singular purpose: do awesome shit. How exactly that’s accomplished is something we all figure out together. We won’t tell our employees how to do their jobs, what to wear, or even where to work from. We provide the structure and challenges to let you apply your expertise, and the mentorship and support to help you grow your skillset and advance your career. That’s because we know we’ll accomplish our best work by letting every individual bring their whole selves to work and embrace their strengths. From Star Wars nerds to sports-obsessed fans, bourbon snobs to fitness freaks, hardcore gamers to semi-pro photographers, we thrive on the unique perspectives every employee brings to the table.

And that’s how the magic happens — when we all come together with a goal in mind. Whether it’s wrapping our brains around a 500 page website, executing an omni-channel campaign, or building App Prototype 0.1, we expect everyone in the room to speak up and bring ideas. We lay it all out on the line, ideate, iterate, and scrutinize. It may even get a little heated sometimes. But where we net out is an end product that’s stronger, smarter, and more valuable to our clients and ourselves. 

When we're not busting our butts on awesome projects, you can find us at a nearby brewery for happy hour, kickballing or kicking back in the park (your choice), grilling up a feast, or canoeing down the Little Miami River.