How to Use LinkedIn’s Business Page Analytics Tools

By: Celie Harlan

December 8, 2021  |  

Any business, both B2B and B2C, should be utilizing a LinkedIn Business page. LinkedIn offers a unique way to connect with your customers socially, while maintaining a professional setting.

We’re sure you already have your business page set up, but did you know LinkedIn also offers some pretty in-depth analytics tools for your organic page? Anyone with admin permissions on your business page can access and utilize these analytics by navigating to your page, selecting the Analytics drop down menu at the top of the page, and selecting each section they want to view.

These analytics cover everything from demographics of your followers to demographics and data on who visits your page, even if they don’t follow you. It even includes analytics on your organic posts and your competitor’s pages. Check out our video below to find out how to use these analytics tools.


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