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Confessions on an Online Advertiser: Do they hate ads, too?

By: Tyler Ventrella

If you asked most people “do you like ads?” You’d probably end up with a majority of answers in the “no” column. After all, they can be disruptive or even irrelevant. But what about those…

Oodle Named TikTok Strategic Partner: Connecting Brands to a Creative Boom

By: Kendall Schmucker

Oodle is thrilled to announce its acceptance as a TikTok Strategic Partner, solidifying its position as a leader in strategic, digital marketing. This partnership opens up a world of possibilities allowing us to help brands…

Twitter in Q2 2023

By: Stephanie Gutierrez

Overview Twitter has been the go-to platform for users to share their thoughts, engage in back-and-forth conversation with public figures and brands, and search for relevant content using hashtags. Like everything else, Twitter has been…

Oodle Wins Top Honors in 2023 Internet Advertising Awards

By: Josh Thompson

Each year, the Web Marketing Association takes time to recognize the people and organizations responsible for developing the most effective online marketing programs on the internet today. Their world-renowned award programs — including the Internet…

It’s A Marathon Not a Sprint: Following the Data

By: Kyle Lento

Wonder what business results and insights you could uncover with a stronger POV on data-driven marketing? Let’s chat and explore how data can boost your marketing performance. Congratulations, your creative is approved, media buy is…

Mobile Trends in Q2 2023

By: Jeff Radzinski, Jon Bouman, & Tyler Ventrella

The world of digital advertising is ever-evolving, with new technologies and platforms constantly emerging. The Oodle team recently detailed some mobile trends in digital marketing and advertising for Q2 2023. What’s Happening Mobile Augmented Reality…

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