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Ep. 12 – We’re Trending on Social with Bryan O’Loughlin

By: Oodle

On today’s episode, Mark and Ryan sit down with Bryan O’loughlin, Senior Director, Paid Social at Empower. Bryan’s industry experience spans the CPG, Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Arts & Entertainment, Home, and D2C categories. His experience…

Ep. 11 – Brand and Organizational Innovation with Michael Wintrob

By: Oodle

On today’s episode, Mark and Ryan sit down with Michael Wintrob, Chief Strategy Officer at LPK. Michael is obsessed with making things work and work better. For the past 20+ years he’s focused on developing…

Ep. 10 – Everything You Should Ask Your Account Team with Riley Vollmer

By: Oodle

On today’s episode, Mark and Ryan sit down with Riley Vollmer, VP of Client Services at Oodle. Riley has a background in digital marketing and strategy development across a number of client verticals and backgrounds…

Why do employers fight remote work?

Oodle answers: Why do employers fight remote work (especially when they’re saving so much on rent)? This is a regular series where Oodle experts answer your marketing questions. To submit your own question, email [email protected]

Remote work works

Oodle was remote before it was cool. Here’s what we learned.    The world was thrown into remote work in 2020 with the onset of COVID-19. Offices were shut down, and companies across the globe…

Eight steps to bullet-proof your website project

Everybody wants a top-of-the line website. Sleek design, killer content – everything your customer needs to learn about your product and sign on the dotted line.  But how do you get there?  Below are Oodle’s…

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