Oodle Wins Silver at the Cincinnati Addys

By: Matt Martin

March 20, 2023  |  


And the award goes to Oodle for their online-interactive campaign for the University of Cincinnati Online!

Amanda Coomer (Senior Designer), Hannah Brown (Paid Media Director), Matt Martin (Creative Director) accept the Silver Addy in Cros Platform at the Cincinnati AddysAmanda Coomer (Senior Designer), Hannah Brown (Paid Media Director), Matt Martin (Creative Director) accept the Silver Addy in Cros Platform at the Cincinnati Addys.

Oodle took home the Silver Addy in the Cross Platform category with our Online-Interactive Campaign for the University of Cincinnati Online. The campaign aimed to promote the University of Cincinnati’s online degree programs and attract prospective students through engaging and interactive online experiences.

The Cincinnati Addys is a local phase of the American Advertising Awards, a highly competitive and prestigious competition that attracts hundreds of entries from advertising professionals and students in the region. Winning a Silver or Gold Addy in the Cincinnati Addys is a significant achievement and recognition of creative excellence.

A mood board created for the Destined for Brilliance campaign.
A mood board created for the Destined for Brilliance campaign.

The Online-Interactive Campaign, activated in Fall 2022, was a digital, multi-channel, brand awareness campaign called “Destined for Brilliance”. It aimed to connect with UC Online’s audience through authentic, relatable content that recognizes their challenges, opportunities, and realities. Generally, advertising for higher education can be stagnant, turn-key, and lacks personality. Oodle’s creative was inspiring and empowering and helped build a brand identity for UC Online that is unique, stands out from other online universities, and builds brand equity.

A 15-second video from the campaign highlights the inspiring and empowering message resonant with UC Online’s audience.

The campaign included animated digital banner ads, static social media ads and videos that were placed in a variety of channels.

Winning Silver at the Addys reflects the strong partnership between Oodle and the University of Cincinnati Online, their shared commitment to excellence, and their impact on the advertising industry in the region and beyond.

A TikTok ads activated for the campaign.

The Cincinnati Addys and the American Advertising Awards provide a valuable platform for advertising professionals and students to showcase their talent, creativity, and impact. Winning an Addy is not only a recognition of excellence but also an opportunity to connect with industry peers and leaders, gain exposure, and contribute to the growth and development of the advertising industry.


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