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Our Approach

The BLT is a marvelous thing.

Sandwiched between two slices of bread, those glorious layers of bacon, lettuce and tomato exist in perfect harmony. Take away any one of the ingredients, and you have one sad sandwich. Unless you take away the bread. Then you’ve just got garnish.

That perfectly arranged BLT is like a digital ecosystem. Four parts – design, strategy, development, content – each balanced for tasty digital engagement. Digital ecosystems are Oodle’s raison d’être. Our muse. Our calling. And we believe they exist in their purest, most effective form when planned, created and managed as a whole.

Enter The Oodle Digital Ecosystem Engine, a fancy name for a simple idea: Digital ecosystems thrive when all things digital co-exist in harmonious interdependency. No matter where you start, you’re bound to pass through each part of the engine. Just like building a BLT works best when you start with the bread, we recommend starting with Strategy and moving through Content, Design and Development. But if you’ve got a handful of bacon and your apron’s on fire, don’t worry. We can help.

Check out the mechanics of The Oodle Digital Ecosystem Engine for what we do to keep each part humming and how we can help create more engaging digital interactions for your brand.

Oodle Digital Ecosystem

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