Research & Strategy

Big ideas start with smart plans.

Digital Brand Strategy

If atomic particles are the building blocks of life, user touch points are the building blocks of a brand experience. Every contact, from a web banner to emailing your customer service center to online ordering are touch points. And we want to know how well each one performs in building a positive experience. It all starts with formulating your digital brand strategy.

Qualitative & Quantitative
Consumer Research

We scour far and wide to uncover your full digital presence to determine its strength and effectiveness. Digital audits uncover your digital reach (how far your online presence expands) across various platforms and throughout content (created by both you and other authors) to sleuth out places of strength and weakness. Combine this with primary consumer research and we’ve got ourselves a detailed view of your consumers, the competition, and a roadmap to win..

Persona Development

More than statistics, consumer personas allow us to consider the behaviors, habits and particular psychographics of your audience to create a more intimate portrait of who you’re trying to reach. A sound consumer archetype can guide and focus many decisions from your brand’s voice to how it interacts with an audience.

Buyer Journey Development

From needing your product or service to purchase, every buyer follows a journey, winding his way through multiple stages of information gathering and decision making. By mapping a buyer’s journey, we learn to anticipate where, when and how to introduce the buyer to your brand, so you become the only choice.

Messaging Strategy

Not all words are created equal. Some of them have four letters and can’t be said in front of your grandmother. Yet to engage your audience, your messaging has to be interesting, relevant, and different enough to stand out in a sea of noise across channels.

Audience Definition &
Lookalike Modeling

Your buyers look like other buyers. Not in a creepy doppelganger way, but in a creepy behavior way. By using data that we know about your buyers and leveraging sophisticated modeling and targeting technologies, we can ensure we message to individuals who share common interests or behaviors. Your audience will thank you for relevant content, and your budget will love the efficiency.

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