Data & Performance Management

Data & Performance Management

Information Management Expertise

The modern digital marketing ecosystem is filled with hundreds of thousands of measurable data points. We provide clients with details and insights that other agencies miss by centralizing key data from various systems and providing cross-platform analysis in one, easy to understand location.


Dashboard Creation

Dashboard Management

Detailed Analysis Reporting


Find the Data

Before we can do anything with your marketing data, we have to know what you’ve got. Are you running paid search? Paid Social? Do you have CRM or ERP? We’ll work with you to identify the data sources from which we’ll need to aggregate information relevant to your digital marketing needs.


Herd the Data

Now that we know what we have to work with, we’ll attach these various sources to our ETL (extract, transform, load) engine – excluding any personally identifiable information (PII) along the way. Once that is complete the data is mapped cross platform and data integrity is verified.


Visualize the Data

Once all of the data has been sourced, synched, and verified then we build out a custom set of dashboards. And we do mean custom. Our dashboards are built around your business objectives and KPIs – present you (and us) with the information needed to steer performance and provide better ways to make informed decisions faster regarding your digital marketing.

Better Marketing Through Better Data

By collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data from your digital marketing campaigns and web properties we are able to continually improve the effectiveness of your digital ecosystem – for both you and your prospects.

  • What information does your prospect value the most?
  • What content do they engage with?
  • What offer do they see the most value in and drives the most conversions?

Through data, we get better answers to these questions over time. Allowing us to build stronger connections within your digital ecosystem, and provide the best user experience through every buyer touchpoint.

Free Digital Audit

You don’t know what you don’t know. Let us provide you with a free audit of your digital marketing, and show you how we can revitalize your ecosystem.