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Bringing Makino’s digital properties up to speed.


Our challenge was to deliver an online experience that captured the essence of the high quality, precision machining that Makino is known for.

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A Connected Digital Ecosystem


After a complete digital audit, we identified areas that were disconnected and built out a roadmap to bring it all full circle. Implementing paid media tactics and improved reporting, along with their ever-evolving website, led us to reach potential customers wherever they are in the buying cycle.



Multiple languages, multiple countries, one consistent experience.


With a headquarters in Tokyo and facilities all over the globe, Makino has a diverse set of websites; each with its own specific content. We consolidated multiple sites under the same consistent design, experience, and CMS, with support for automatic and manual translation into any language needed.

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2 – italy
3 – japan
4 – singapore
5 – spain
6 – uk
7 – usa
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Custom Kentico implementation


Quick and easy updates to every area of the site — whether on the client side with our training and support, or more complex tasks we handle in-house. Adding products, updating images and copy, and publishing content is lightning fast, with no developer needed to recompile or redeploy.

kentico-laptop kentico-laptop


Paid Media

Using a full-funnel approach to paid media, we launched multiple campaigns to support Makino’s online presence. From the top of the funnel to the bottom, our campaigns told a story and connected with potential customers for the highest impact. Going global, we ran campaigns internationally and in multiple languages across tactics.

To accelerate the speed with which those potential customers moved through the funnel, we established a paid media strategy combining several digital tactics to engage customers and accelerate qualified website traffic. The outcome? We drove an impressive return on ad spend for Makino and delighted customers with relevant content throughout their buying experience.

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Data & Performance Management

The key to data storytelling is knowing which data sets are relevant to your business and can lead to the most effective decisions related to your overall business goals.

We aggregated all of Makino’s marketing data into our platform allowing us to create custom dashboards that we report on both monthly and quarterly leading to such insights as:


  • Full funnel post-click interaction, including how much interaction a prospect has with content and conversion actions
  • Trends over time like an increase in returning visitors quarter over quarter
  • Media mix analysis like how paid media efforts drive the spend to conversion ratio


data-management-graphic data-management-graphic

The fully connected digital ecosystem we built for Makino is delivering some pretty awesome tangible business results. Is yours?


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